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What to know when renting a car in Bonaire

What to know when renting a car in Bonaire

Tourists are often pleasantly surprised when driving for the first time on Bonaire. The island is small and easy to navigate. There aren't any roads wider than two lanes. There certainly aren't any highways. And not even one stoplight! We do not have traffic jams, just don't try to drive throught town during the carnival Parades in March! Additionally, you will find local drivers patient and courteous.
There are also some less pleasant surprises. Rain causes slippery roads. And some roads are poorly maintained and/or damaged in rainy season causing pot holes. Roads do not have shoulders so it is important to drive with caution. Pick-ups have been the vehicle of choice on Bonaire for so long partly due to road conditions and of course because they are perfect for carrying dive gear.
Good to know: in place of stoplights we have several traffic circles. In a traffic circle (round-about) the drivers already in the circle have the right of way.

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